Spoiler: Nisa-san
Wataru bows low. "You honor me, Kaiu-sama." he says straightening up and pulling the cart. "I'm not much for the study of fine artistry but I do know a man who could be of service but i'm not sure you would appreciate his company overmuch." Wataru mentions, carefully choosing his words. "He's normally working through the night 'The quieted world makes my art come alive!'Wataru says mockingly. You can find him in the Senzai District in a blue-roofed building by the river. His name is Kakita Washo, but he prefers to be called "Kokoro."

At the mention of Akahime he visibly pales. "Akahime-sama is very nice to me. She allows me luxuries that others of my station cannot afford. Normally she's not so aggressive in front of her own clansmen, but if she finds you are a threat to my attention she becomes... protective. Its more trouble for me than her usually. especially among the other heimin, but my family is well-fed and doesn't go wanting. If that is my burden, it could truly be worse."

Spoiler: Osuki-San
"Dearest cousin, you'll have to tell me all about her. But some other time, perhaps at the celebration for the scorpion. I have some very interesting friends I'd like you to meet there. Could be extremely... profitable for all in attendance." Akahime says coyly, a smile creeping past her On.* "Rest assured the night will be a memorable even for you cousin. Tell me, what do you know of Lands outside Rokugan?"

*-Public Persona

Spoiler: Yawaraki-san and Takahiro-kun
After meeting with Akahime-san, Okiko spirits you both back to the Crane embassy.
Spoiler: Courtier:Awareness-15
She's fuming after your last 2 encounters with Akahime-san.
Once there she leads you to your quarters. "If you have need of anything, a nearby retainer will able to help you." She says looking a Takahiro with a very eager face.
Spoiler: Yawarakai Only

"Do the Hare even have retainers?"
she whispers.

"Takahiro-san, you've been asked to appear at the Minor clans embassy, first light tomorrow. Mako-san has some business with you. Yawarakai-san we've been tasked to meet with Asahina Robei tomorrow for our first rites at Temple of Seven Fortunes in the Ichidou District."
Spoiler: OOC
You're free-ish until first light tomorrow

Spoiler: Hitomi-san
Once you two leave the White Lotus, Momoko-sama heads Directly to the Imperial stables.
"That's the man tasked with leading the Bear into the future!" She basically shouts, crushing the missive Rukano had given her. "He has no decorum, no sense of honor the doesn't require killing. He is exactly why the rest of the empire see us as barbarous gaijin! This is why we need to make a sterling impression during the Coronation, there'll be no more perfect time to separate ourselves from the foreigners."

After arriving at the Stables she finally looks a peace. Her,cool reserved demeanor quickly returning. She rubs behind the ears of Meiyo, her powerful ursine companion. Meiyo lets out a soft growl of appreciation and moves her head into Momoko's stomach eliciting a genuine laugh from the Daimyo.

"Hitomi-chan, take this missive and collect the materials for this scorpion gathering you and Osuki-san are attending. I expect a full report in 2 days." she says, absently brushing the ursine.
Spoiler: Crumpled Missive
An order from the finest seamstress in the Imperial City for 18 riding outfits. This missive is to be brought as receipt.

Spoiler: Setsuna-san
Continuing to wander around the harbor brings you to a small set of Docks run by the Mantis Clan. Their family Mon* is on the Sails of the ships and the vests of the Men working in the yard around them. One of them seems to stand a way from the working men, carefully taking stock of all the goods moving in and out. he's occasionally raises his voice to direct the samurai where the goods are to be placed. Even in the balmy summer weather of the imperial city he wears shirt of foreign design underneath his light armor. He eyes you and waves you over.

"So your that Relic's understudy? Well at least he's got an eye for talent." he says with a grin, subtly gesturing at the pistol tucked in your obi.** Gusai Natsuru at your service!" he says with a bow. "I suppose your here for the Old man's Order?"