Spoiler: DM: Wataru

*thinks for a time*

It is unfortunate that others do not celebrate the good fortunes you find through your diligence. It shows a lack of Courtesy on their part.

I do not wish to create greater issues for you with the Yasuki. By the same token, I am concerned that your station is taken advantage of and I would help in anyway I can with this. *pause* My first consideration is that at the event tomorrow, I shall need to be more formal in my discourse with you. I apologize in advance if my interactions will be colder than normal. It is not intended to be offensive.

*switches mental gears*

Anyway, thank you for the name. Is Kakita Washo a well-known artisan - particularly in the court? I'd hope to find someone who might benefit from being part of the Imperial Chancelor's water system. I believe it to be one of the more advanced and sophisticated designs thus far. It has the potential to help a developing artisan to gain greater renown. If such a fledgling can't be found, then I will seek out Kakita Washo as you suggested.