Spoiler: Missive to Oboro Setsuna

*A heimin from the Izumo smithy arrives at the Fukuro D. smithy with a waterproof tube about four hours later.*

I have a message from Kaiu Nisa-san for Oboro Setsuna-san.

(When you open it, it will have a letter and multiple papers.)



I appreciate your willingness to aid me on this project. I am a student of functionality and find that it is beneficial to have strong artisans and crafters such as yourself to help me with those aspects that give form to my function.

Enclosed you will find various scale views of the water system. One is of the entire system and the geographic path it will travel on. Others show close ups and different angles. I have not sent you the specifications on this as I have had numerous others review the math involved to verify its accuracy. If you feel that you need such details, we can meet and discuss it at length in a week from now as per Dankichi-sensei's instructions.

I have enclosed a few of my sketches of possible "beautification" as I've pondered the system and some ideas that have come to me along the way. I ask that you share all notes and sketches only with those you trust. I would prefer they not become common knowledge.

(The sketches will be mostly wavelike flourishes. One unique one has a water scene with fireworks exploding and the water reflecting those lights in a rippled way. A note says, "Perhaps the beautification could be done by area. Each one depicting scenes related to the area the water system is in?")

Thank you again for your help in this matter and your time away from the forge to help. I know that time from the fire and hammer is time greatly sacrificed.

(Kaiu's chop*)

*chop - identifying seal