Spoiler: Everyone!
Spoiler: Just Setsuna-san!
Towards the end of the day The Harbor master rings his bell indicating the end of the work day for the laborers. You can hear the collective sigh of relief when the bell rings out over the Harbor and the Artisan District.

At the sound of the bell Dankichi rests his hammer and groans slightly as he straightens. He looks over to you and gives a knowing nod. The time to rest has come. As he begins cleaning he looks up to hear the clack of wood on stone as someone approaches. As the person comes into focus, He lets out a low grumble and returns to his work.

"What brings you here today, Natsu-kun?" He growls. You look up to see Natsuru leaning absently on one of the corner posts, Handling one of the daggers and admiring its craftsmanship.

"Luckily Oji-chan, I'm not here for you." He looks over to you and smiles. "I was told that I need your permission to escort your apprentice to a dinner this evening."

Dankichi lets out a genuine laugh that rings out in the less-crowded streets.

"She's a samurai, you have a request for her, Ask her." He says pointedly, returning to his cleaning. Natsuru straightens up and bows "Oboro-san, Care to accompany me to your first Scorpion clan dinner?"

Spoiler: Awareness or Perception 15
At the mention of scorpion,
Dankichi pauses for a fraction of a second and continues cleaning.

Spoiler: Choose 1
Spoiler: Yes!
"Excellent! We should make haste to get ready. I'll meet you outside the Minor Clan embassy." Natsuru says bowing again before leaving.

"Be careful." Dankichi says to you on your way out.
Spoiler: No.
"Go." Dankichi growls. "You need to learn to deal with them and the sooner the better." *Open the Yes! Box*

You arrive at the Scorpion embassy and are escorted by the largest Bayushi samurai you've ever seen to a banquet hall in the back. You senses are flooded with an array of delicious aromas.

"Welcome!" An elderly scorpion rings out as you enter the Hall. The man is easily a full head shorter than an average samurai with white hair peeking out of the sides and top of his one-eyed mask. A pleasure to meet you, I'm Soshi Katsuto. The Host for Tonight's festivities. Please enjoy yourselves. If you have need of anything while here, do not hesitate to summon for me and I shall deal with it personally. Carry the Fortunes, young ones!" He bows with a flourish and heads over to speak to the guests that arrive after you.
Spoiler: Perception Roll (Open all that Apply)
Spoiler: Perception 10
No lion are present. But nearly every other clan and family is present.
Spoiler: Perception 17
There seem to be more Mantis,
Crane and Crab here than anyone else. The Oriole and Owl Also have impressive numbers here relative to their size.
Spoiler: Perception 25
There are several High Ranking Samurai here Including the Kaiu Daimyo and his younger brother and the Crane and Scorpion Champions...