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    Default Re: Legend of the Five Rings- Iron Rokugan: The Golden War

    Usagi Takahiro

    The Bayushi are indeed massive and my already slight build is made even more evident by these towering masses of humanity. The mandate that I surrender my daisho bothers me more than it should. I can not even keep my wakizashi. Despite my newly acquired armor, I now feel mostly naked. I feel as if I have walked into this crowd of strangers wearing only a fundoshi.

    I enter the assembly and am immediately taken aback by so many of the Scorpion Clan in one place. The surprisingly jovial greeting by Soshi-san is not in keeping with my understanding of this clan. I bow to Soshi-san in acknowledgement of his offer of assistance, a statement that strikes me as odd coming from this clan. This evening becomes more confusing the more I try to think about it.

    I attempt to refocus my thoughts as everything originally enters my perception as a blur.

    [Perception 6...]
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