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Glad you liked it.

Doh, I forgot to add the feat to Fort and I think it was I had copy paste error too and I didn't realize it.

Bhu made a great cheat sheet for all levels goes up to 100 for both good and poor saves. 6th level is +5 good, +2 poor. So yeah, Fort +4, Ref +9, Will +7

They're too organized to be chaotic unlike regular dryads, who by nature are solitary. A triad of dryads just popped into my head. I think I need to incorporate this somehow.

I figured neutral good was more up their alley.They work together at times. Also, I kept the standard SLA of the dryads because I'd fiddled with them so much in other areas. They might be better with their bows but the trees might not allow for much use of clear shots. They can sneak attack with their daggers and get the bonus to hit.

Oh cool, I always just do it manually. A quick-reference sheet would save a lot of time.

Ah duh, I missed the grove/nonchaotic connection, my bad. It's quite clear in hindsight.

I did a quick google for "cherry tree dryad", there's loads of pics if you wanted to add one in too.

I look forward to yet more nymphs!