Spoiler: Administration Building
The man turns to Tsōlg as he speaks, and nods. "A concrete request! That, I can provide," he pauses as Solys speaks, then continues. "Though...Jerrick Overni. That name is familiar. Oh, yes, now I remember. If I remember correctly, he's under investigation..." the man shrugs, and one of the half elves emerges from the other room, dust on their hair and shoulders, handing a stack of papers onto the counter before scurrying off then the man orders him to find the room number.

It's only half a minute later that the half-elf is back, and you have the number. "Hall of Conjuration, floor three, room 16. I hope you can remember it," the man says, as the papers on the counter are attended to by floating quills. "That's all, then. Unless you have more vague requests or meandering comments?" He adds, passing the completely filled-out pair of papers across the counter. Each is written in an ornate but legible hand, and declare the holder to be an officially recognized temporary guest for the day's date.

Spoiler: Student Crowd
"Actually has the authority - who do think I am?!" Versix replies. "We have enough trouble keeping things orderly here without cretins like you running in from outside! Now show me your papers or you will be forced to return back to the streets."