I had an old account named 'Supernal Exarch' that I would like removed from the system. My PC died and not only have I forgotten the login information, but I feel like the games I was queing up to GM for have probably left a stigma on the account since my PC died and I could no longer log in to keep people updated. And so, because I don't even remember the email assigned to the account and want to start over with a clean slate, I would ask for the old account to be deleted.

Additionally, I login from a few different places, two of which I know have people that play on here. Just making a note of that so the whole alternate account thing does not come into effect. If a moderator wishes, I can try to find and provide the actual IPs for two of those locations so they can be whitelisted. I don't know if I can view the college's IP address or not, but I can try.

If a moderator can message me and confirm that the old account has been taken down and advise me on whether I need to provide the IPs of all the places I will login at, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!