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Thread: Sleepy Hedgehog learns to draw

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    A lot of people have tried to copy the drawthread. A lot of people have fallen off the wagon.

    I think that the longevity of my success is due entirely to a bloodcrazed oath that I have rigidly adhered to no matter the circumstances: Draw Every Day. No breaks, no vacations, no excuses, ever. If I've forgotten and don't realize until I'm lying in bed I've got to drag myself out of bed, find the notebook, sketch out some abstract shape and only then can I go to sleep. It defies words how important this rule is.

    Some more immediate feedback:

    A lot of people say this to new artists but start with photorealism. But that's hard!, you think, and more advanced than I can do - better stick with doodles. No! Cartoony styles are you developing shorthand for photorealism but photorealism is your core. Have in your mind the precise mechanics of how everything works and then figure out what you can abstract.

    I strongly recommend staring at muscle groups. Take off your shirt and look at yourself in the mirror - really look. Flex your biceps and take note of the shapes you see there; mentally envision your elbow as a collection of triangles. And draw a lot of soft, sketchy construction lines; worry about the transition to smooth and clean later.

    Pay real close attention to how things are sized in relation to each other. Your stupid traitorous brain will naturally underestimate the size of legs by 25% and shoulders by at least 33%. Draw legs, shoulders and hips way bigger than you think you should - start drawing the line, then stop, and make it larger by a quarter. If that means you're drawing legs and shoulders way too long that's fine. Long legs looks better than stumpy legs. Legs are 50% of the mass of a human body!!!!! The shoulders have the same horizontal width as the head!!!! It is mind blowing how much that matters and once you start focusing on that stuff you'll be amazed at the difference between your perceptions and reality. It's a profoundly different way of seeing the world.

    You're also going to have a lot of fun once you get to colour theory Colour theory owns and I'm so glad to be working in colour again these days.
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