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Hi everyone!!

I am writing a sci-fi novel (kind of) mostly for fun i know i am not a good writer. The thing is that i want to be very inclusive, i have a couple of male main characters that are developing their relationship in the book and a well established lesbian couple (secondary characters). The problem is that i am worried about my subconscious bias of a heterosexual male (catholic background), my idea is to write them as any other couple but there is circunstances that can affect them, they are living in a hipercapitalistic, homophobic and xenophobic dystopia where they are discriminate and even jailed for their political and sexual orientation (the lesbian couple are political activists and the gay are a pagan terrorist and a scholar reformist). Also i have less problems to write signs of affection between women than men, again my heterosexual bias. Any advice?

I have also a trasgender secondary character, but she (she transitioned from male to female) is from a far more technologically and socially advance country (federation like), my doubt here is that they have the enough genetics and nanotechnology to transform a male body to female (and reverse,) like she was born like that, but i don't know if a trasgender reader will prefer a less perfect transition. She has an informal relationship with one of the male characters (who knows that she transitioned), and at the middle of the book he brokes the relationship becuse he falls in love with the female main character. Perhaps it would better to eliminate the relationship from the beginning because i don't want to give the impression that he drops because she is trasgender. Advice?

If i express something that can seem offensive, please forgive me, it is ignorance or my terrible english. Thanks and love to all :)
If you don't feel comfortable writing LGBT+ characters because you might offend people why are you writing LGBT+ characters?
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There's a user on this forum whose demeanor, speech patterns, and other forms of communication remind me of somebody I know offline. This acquaintance is trans, and the similarities are so strong, I have a [...well, "suspicion" seems too confrontational as a word choice, but something of that variety] that this user is also a trans individual.

With their privacy as a concern, and to avoid possibly outing them, I won't name names or anything like that. What I'm wondering is, is there a non-invasive way to ask this user personally about something of this nature, or is it better to try and forget the whole thing as none of my business? I normally wouldn't even think about this for more than a moment, but in this case, the similarities are so uncanny, I couldn't help but wonder.

If leaving well enough alone is the best option, I'll sod off right away.
Are you wondering if its okay to ask if they are Trans (none of your business, up to them to disclose) or someone you know IRL?

If its the latter I know some people value their anonymity online, so if you really want to know, ask them IRL if they use this forum.