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Hi everyone!!

I am writing a sci-fi novel (kind of) mostly for fun i know i am not a good writer. The thing is that i want to be very inclusive...
You don't need to arbitrarily add more characters just to get a properly diverse batch. In fact, on multiple levels, that's a horrible idea. You're better off focusing on a tight, cohesive narrative to start off rather than trying to deeply think out bunches of characters. And given that any halfway decent novel will require a lot of revisions, a lot of editing, and frankly a lot of cutting, all this extra stuff is completely unnecessary.

If the setting takes off you're encouraged to develop characters from all across the diversity spectrum. (Although in many cases it's easier to just declare them for what they are rather than try too hard to find the "right" way to write a gay or trans or whatever character; federation level technology being able to make alterations nearly indistinguishable from being born that way might well be the easiest way to write that character.) But for right now, good writing pointers trump social justice pointers. Focus the main story now, you can broaden the setting with side stories later on down the line.