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Something I was told at school back in the 1990s and wondered if it was true... is a guy having an earring in his right ear likely to be gay?
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Was true a long time ago, when gay people had a much harder time being openly out and as such made use of little tells to communicate with other people in the know.

Might be true to some extent today, for someone who for one reason or another wants to make homage to the symbol. But while someone with an earring in just their right ear is more likely than average to be gay (most people preferring either a matched pair or none), most gay people I've met don't give a toss about archaic codes. Or, for the most part, earrings.
I was also told this in the 90s, but I'm pretty sure that however much truth there may have been at one time, it was mostly being co-opted to make fun of boy band members and other students (who may have chosen styles based on those boy bands). Also, I seem to remember that which ear was the "gay" ear changed depending on the target they wanted to mock.

Interesting that it actually had some truth to it, though.