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    Default Re: Death Battle II - I don't THINK Gara got robbed I KNOW he did.

    I don't normally watch Death Battle...mostly because I'm still angry about the math errors and factual inaccuracies on a couple of high profile episodes, but a friend of mine linked this one and...

    Spoiler: A major thing they got wrong
    The version of Miguel that wielded Mjolnir did get power from it. The reason he dind't gain Thor's Armor or Asgardian physiology is becuase that's not the kind of warrior or leader he was.

    You can't pick up Mjolnir and not gain the power of Thor. The Worthiness Enchantment only stops you from picking the hammer up, most of "Thor's" powers are innate properties of the hammer that just holding the Hammer would bestow upon you.

    So this fight should have been ridiculously one-sided in Miguel's favor.
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