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    Default Re: Death Battle II - I don't THINK Gara got robbed I KNOW he did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anteros View Post
    They always get major stuff wrong. I don't think one-off stuff like that should be included anyway though. Maybe he should have won by DB rules though. It would be nice if Death Battle made a set of rules and stuck to them, but I don't think they ever will.
    That wasn't a one-off thing though. the Miguel from the timeline where he owned Mjolnir owned it for nearly a thousand years.(One of Miguel's spider-powers is ridiculously slowed aging. Not quite on the same level as Captain America, who is clinically immortal, but still)

    Furthermore, Miguel's story was kind of building up to him becoming Mjolnir owner, with the Thorites declaring "Spider-Man" to be a sign of Thor's immenant return and all that.

    Granted, that's not the version that got the upgraded armor(and the Mjolnir version might have gotten retconned out of existence, there's conflicting info on that,) but they brought it up so they should have used it--even if he didn't get powers from it, it's still a massive War Hammer capable of leaving a dent in true Adamantium when swung hard enough and is magically indestructable.

    Belatedly, I realize that they left out that Miguel is telepathic.
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