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Thread: As a pure Druid, how to access Teleport?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldariel View Post
    The Master Earth [Spell Compendium] spell is pretty much Teleport. Or as close as Druid gets natively anyways. Without dipping it's kinda hard to get it otherwise; yeah, you can take Southern Magician/Alternative Source Spell and Arcane Disciple it up or go through some feat chains to gain a Domain or Fey Circle something that gets it for you, but Master Earth is hard to beat for ease of access vs. effect.
    You get it way too late: he said " Any option requiring more than level 11 is unlikely to work, and level 11 is already pushing it."
    So it means that he is probably not going to epic levels like 13+
    I found that getting an outsider ally is probably the fastest way(use sacrifice rules to summon an outsider with teleport at will) then have a team which weights less than 25kg(become necropolitans and then buy some scrolls of haunt shift)
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