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    Default Re: Death Battle II - I don't THINK Gara got robbed I KNOW he did.

    According to a storyline in Question volume 2, a miniseries from 2005, Superman's physiology being sun based means that "Planetary based esoteric and vital forces" are super effective against him, with chi being cited explicitly and a statement being made that a concentrated amount of those energies would cripple and eventually kill him

    There are multiple demonstrations that "divine or semi-divine" energies count as magic and are in fact the magic that Superman is most vulnerable to.

    Meaning that, had Screwattack read Superman's DC wiki page, the Superman v Goku fights would have gone radically different.

    I bring this up, not to start a flame war or whatever the reason they say for why they won't revisit that is, but to demonstrate that Screwattack either fails to do the basic most research on a character at best or cherry picks facts at worst.

    Like, for example, them misunderstanding what Miguel Ohara not transforming while wielding Mjolnir meant, to use the most recent example.

    The last episode should have been ridiculously onesided in Miguel's favor, but Terry still won.

    Sephiroth vs Vergil is even because Screwattack says so and the winner is going to be whichever one they think is cooler that they did the most research on depends on how many overcites and errors they make.
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