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Eh... I don't know... If Bayonetta couldn't kill Dante, why would Sephiroth be able to kill Vergil? Bayonetta killed angels and gods. Sephiroth... Killed Aerith. With a surprise back-stab. But other than that, he doesn't really accomplish much... And can obviously be destroyed by three relatively normal guys. Also, that full-to-1-hp attack?! It can be interrupted )well, in Kingdom Hearts, anyway).
Honestly the way they handled Dante's regeneration bodes ill for this fight. They clearly just decided he was to immortal to harm for real because he tanks the occasional big hit and left it at that, add in the weird cutting every raindrop ever feat they made up and things go south fast. That said Virgil dies at some point eventually and Sephiroth is among the most dangerous entities in Final Fantasy cannon. If his plan had gone off he would be in the range of Kefka for WTF power scales of outright godhood and without he is rather insane, he doesn't loose to a couple of rando's so much as Cloud has the same genova cell weirdness that he does and can fight on his metaphysical level.