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    Default Re: Death Battle II - I don't THINK Gara got robbed I KNOW he did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rater202 View Post
    According to a storyline in Question volume 2, a miniseries from 2005, Superman's physiology being sun based means that "Planetary based esoteric and vital forces" are super effective against him, with chi being cited explicitly and a statement being made that a concentrated amount of those energies would cripple and eventually kill him

    There are multiple demonstrations that "divine or semi-divine" energies count as magic and are in fact the magic that Superman is most vulnerable to.

    Meaning that, had Screwattack read Superman's DC wiki page, the Superman v Goku fights would have gone radically different.
    Hah! Doesn't even have to go that far... You only have to remember that they completely borked the math from the very beginning! And that the "Superman has infinity strength" makes absolutely no sense! It's explicitly stated that the energy that fuels Superman's powers comes from the Sun, and even if Superman absorbed all energy from every yellow sun in the universe and somehow multiplied it by 1 trillion, it still wouldn't be infinity. Or, even simpler: If Superman has infinity strength, so does every other kryptonian... So why evil ones (like Zod, Faora and evil versions of Superman who have no qualms about killing) don't simply one-shot all their opponents? Hell! Why doesn't Superman simply one-shot robot enemies? Goku x Superman was one of the most obviously biased and "trolly" they ever made.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anteros View Post
    Dante should have probably lost against Bayonetta if we're being honest. The fact that he won means Vergil should handily beat Sephiroth.
    I don't know about that... Bayonetta has a lot of firepower, but they do have a point in that Dante is effectively immortal (and really freaking powerful with Devil Trigger activated, which he's only beginning to master).

    Quote Originally Posted by Anteros View Post
    However, this is the company that had Wonder Woman lose to Rogue and then beat Thor. They aren't even consistent within the bounds of their own "research".
    Truer words were never said. This is what irks me the most about DB... They are completely inconsistent even within their own material. And some fights have their results decided even before they start their "research" (Superman x Goku and WW x Thor being clear examples, IMHO).
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