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All weapons do an amount of Slash, Puncture and Impact; most will do significantly more of one than the other. This is the 'primary' damage type to which a Sentient will usually adapt, but they'll sometimes pick one of the others - especially if the values are about the same.

See here; this is my Vaykor Hek (Shotgun, left) next to my Dread (bow, right). Notice how the Hek does over 2,000 damage just in Impact, whereas the huge majority of the Dread's damage is in Puncture? The game differentiates between those as well as the fact that one of them does Blast damage and the other only does Electricity.

So when fighting Sentients, the ideal setup is a Primary weapon that focuses on three types of damage (eg: Slash, Blast, Toxin) and a Secondary weapon that focuses on three more (Impact, Magnetic, Heat). Alternatively, purchase a high-damage weapon like a Kulstar and spec it to do ridiculous amounts of damage, then just Blast them out of the air before they have chance to adapt.
Goodness. This is making me wish I had the time to farm more elemental shotgun mods. But the only one I have so far is Toxin (which does extraordinarily well against Corpus), and they seem to be rarer than the equivalent pistol/rifle mods.