This is written fairly generically, so yeah, things can change based on different settings, house rules, and so on. It would be perfectly fair to view Flight as Strong and most other forms of movement as more-or-less Balanced (Swimming probably still comes out Weak, since I think a character's base swim speed depends on their land speed, so Swimming really should have been like a Movement option negating the penalty or something; Speed Limited to Swimming would be more reasonable).

If movement is heavily curtailed, range does become comparatively better. I don't know that it quite makes it fully worth the combination of cost and other supplemental weaknesses it entails. From a game design standpoint, I feel like it would have worked better if it worked like Elongation does mechanically. But at least at that point it gives you a solid tactical advantage.

Hindered/Immobilized never become better, just because of comparisons to the more balanced options.

Say your base Speed is 0. Normally, you can move 30' and take an action, double-move 60', move+charge 60' and attack at -2, or take a standard action and do something else with your move action.

If Hindered, you can move 15' and take an action, double-move 30', move+charge 30' and attack at -2, or take a standard action and do something else with your move action.

If Dazed, you can move 30', charge 30' and attack at -2, or just take a standard action. You're way more restricted for an equal level condition, and the relative restriction doesn't change regardless of how high your speed is.

Immobilized, on the other hand, still lets you take both a move and standard action, but you can't move at all. It doesn't restrict you in quite as many ways as Dazed does, but in the main area, blocking movement, it's strictly better. Immobilized would be balanced with Dazed.

But Immobilized isn't competing with Dazed. Immobilized is competing with Stunned. Immobilized: Can't move, but can do anything else you want. Stunned: Can't do anything at all, including moving. There's no comparison.