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Thread: Ye Olde West. (Game officially underway)

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    Ye Olde West
    A time of outlaws running around killing just to up the bounty on their heads for the fame. A time of bandits robbing banks and stagecoaches to make way with the loot. A time where honest citizens, cowboys, and farmers initiated there own brand of justice when the marshall wasn't around....get a rope, the mob wants a hanging, and it's not for salsa made in NYC.

    Billy the Kidd - Outlaw Leader - When scried, looks like townsperson. Chooses outlaw gang.
    Outlaws - (WereWolves for killing.) When the number of townspeople left = number of outlaws - Outlaws win.
    Tonto Wildfire - Outlaw Devil: Shaman who through spiritual prayer can see who's who.


    Pecos Petey - Bandit leader - When scried, looks like a townsperson. Chooses bandit gang.
    Bandits - ("Werewolves" for stealing.) When the amount of coins = 85% of the total money left. Bandits win. Bandits have no limit to amount of money they can carry or transfer between each other at night. Bandit money will go into a pool. If a bandit is killed or lynched, the pool will lose no money. If the bandit's locate the banker's safe. They can steal it. The money in it is still retained by the player, but the safe is no longer available for protection.
    Slipery Sam - Bandit Devil - Sneaks around at night to see who is holding money, and how much. May also find where the banker's safe is. Does not scry roles.


    Wyatt Earp - the Sheriff - Seer: Knows how to spot a criminal just by looking them in the eye.
    Doc Holiday - the Deputy - Fool: Thinks he knows as much as the sherrif does, but drinks too much to make a good judgement call.
    John Wayne - the Sharpshooter - Day Baner: At night sends submission on who to protect from a hanging the next day. Known to shoot out the rope to protect someone from a hanging.
    Reverand Jim - the Priest - Night Baner: Protect one person each night by bringing them into the church. Even criminals respect the church.
    Matthew Quigley - the Banker - "Money" Baner: Protect's someone from getting robbed by putting their money in the safe.
    Posse - Masons: Trusted men who have rode with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday before.
    Townspeople - Villagers: Want to keep their money and their lives.

    Townspeople can transfer money each night via PM to the narrators. A townsperson can hold @ max 5 coins. After some thought, there will be no limit placed on the amount of coins a person can hold. If the outlaws kill or bandits steal from a person exchanging money that night, the transfer fails (as if it never happened). A person may transfer at max 5 coins at night. You can give 1 coin to 5 people, or 5 coins to 1 person. When you transfer money, your name will be given to the person you transfer to. Both will receive the PM. example: Supagoof gives 5 coins to Raldor.

    Everyone starts with 1,2, or 3 coins (via PM and at random). Outlaws and Bandits are to be hung for killing or stealing. When number of Bandits and Outlaws = 0, Town wins. Anytime someone dies, the money they are holding is gone, be they townsperson, banker (their money, not the stuff they are protecting), or outlaw.

    Days to last 48 hours. Nights to last 24 hours.

    I'll post the starting number of total coins at the begining of the game, for those who want to keep track.

    60 Coins total in game.

    Raldor shall be the co-narrator for this game.

    Signed Up. (Will sort when recruiting closes) 31

    Alive 8
    Alarrabelle Bransford
    Atreyu, The Masked Llama
    Basset King
    Captain Van Der Decken
    Castaraellen, The Lady
    "Chief" Shadow
    Cobra Ikari
    Doc Kyrian Brown
    El Jaspero, The "Mining" King
    Eldritch "Quiet Stranger" Knight
    Gnome "Clint Eastwood" Barbarian
    HyramGraff *
    Indurain, Brett Maverick
    Lord Magtok
    Purple Gelatenous Cube of Doom
    Thes "Bounty" Hunter
    Vespe Ratavo
    Zar Peter
    Zeb the Troll

    Dead 23
    Selrahc - Bandit - Hanged Day 1.
    Gnome Barbarian - Townsperson - Kill Night 1.
    Shadow - Townsperson - Hanged Day 1
    No one killed Night 2
    Indurain - Outlaw - Hanged Day 3
    Firepup - Townsperson - Autolynched Day 3
    Psychoduck14 - Townsperson - Autolynched Day 3
    Raistlin1040 - Townsperson - Autolynched Day 3
    Saurous - Townsperson - Autolynched Day 3
    Vespe Ratavo - Posse - Autolynched Day 3
    Kyrian - Posse - Killed Night 3
    Cobra Ikari - Outlaw - Hanged Day 4
    Alarra - Night Baner - Killed Night 4
    Eldritch Knight - Fool - Killed Day 5
    Inky13112 - Seer - Killed Night 5
    Zar Peter - Townsperson - Killed Day 5
    Janusnori - Townsperson - Autolynched Day 5
    Lord Magtok - Townsperson - Autolynched Day 5
    Castaras - Townsperson - Killed Night 6
    Atreyu, the Masked Llama - Alpha Bandit - Killed Day 6
    Faerwain - Bandit Devil - Killed night 6
    Thes Hunter - Bandit - Killed Day 7
    Hitchhiker - Posse - Autolynched Day 7
    Purple Gelatinous Cube of Doom - Townsperson - Autolynched day 7

    * Indicates did not point previous day. Point tomorrow or else be hanged.
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