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Thread: Ye Olde West. (Game officially underway)

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    Default Re: Ye Olde West. (Another WW formation) Starts 4/16

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    Im in and by default I automatically win because well my last name is Eastwood and everyone knows no one messes with an Eastwood in Ye Olde West. Come to think about it Clint Eastwood should have a role.
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    Just a suggestion (not to please Gnome Barbarien, but because I thought of it at first): The sharpshooter should be Clint Eastwood (The good, the bad and the ugly: The man who shot the people from the ropes)
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    What yuo dont want to please me?...You must feel lucky, Punk.
    Sadly, I had thought of adding Clint Eastwood as a role, even as the day or night baner. However, because John "The Duke" Wayne was in films first, he was given the role. Feel free to use Clint Eastwood as part of a theme.

    ((@V I thought you'd have said something about Matthew Quigley - from Quigley Down Under - the story of the Australian Cowboy? Played by Tom Selleck. Though it wasn't a very big motion picture back in the eighties, but then again, few were.))
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    It wasn't that easy. Supagoof's just that good.
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    This is LLD, which, I shouldn't have to tell you, will not bow to your math because it was DESIGNED to ruin it!
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    Supagoof has won the game and withdrawn. He was Epic