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Thread: The Sticks Awards 171-180 Up

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    Default The Sticks Awards 171-180 Up

    Hi, and welcome to The Sticks Awards!

    Note: You can choose one strip in the two polls. This means that you can vote in only one poll. Voters that choose a strip on both polls will have their votes disregarded.

    Note 2: To vote in the other 5 comics, please visit the The Sticks Awards 171-180 Down thread.

    The Sticks Awards are given to the best strips of all times, chosen by the polls here in the Playground. Previously, each poll had a group of 10 comics, chronologically chosen. But due to a new setting of the board software that limited poll options up to 5 only, we had to switch to this new format. Two polls of 5 comics each. Whichever comic gets more votes in both polls qualifies to the finals.

    Also, the links cannot be provided in the poll options anymore, since there is also a 25-chars limit on them. So, I'm putting them here (see below). This week's comics will feature strips from #171 to 175 and from #176 to 180.

    If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to comment on this thread. For results, visit the The Sticks Awards Results Compilation thread.

    Thanks for voting!

    This week's contenders

    171 The Prisoner Dilemma
    172 Cure Moderate Hurt Feelings
    173 It Is Always Exactly Where They Intend It to Be
    174 Interlude of Dooooooom!
    175 Darn You to Hex
    176 Leaping Lizards
    177 Ch-ch-ch-changes
    178 The Early Bird Catches the Wizard
    179 Liar, Liar
    180 Falling for You
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