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    The thing is that the demons specifically want intelligence/sapience in their food, and apparently the more intelligent something is the more delicious it is to them. That's the basic premise of the series. I forgot, they can survive without eating humans though right? That's what the wandering demons were doing? That's why they're villains.

    In Terry Pratchett's Discworld there's a character, an intelligent talking cat who got its intelligence from eating a magical talking mouse when it's just a normal cat. Now that it's intelligent , it doesn't want to eat another intelligent, sapient being, but obviously it still need to hunt and eat meat. So whenever it catches a prey it always gives it a chance to speak, in case it's catching another talking animal.

    There's also a Larry niven short story, about a race of space-faring carnivores who I think used to conquer other planets and eat its inhabitants, but since now it's civilized, whenever it encounter a new species they just ask for DNA sample in exchange of their advanced tech, so they could understand Clone artificial meat of the species and increase the diversity of their meat bank or something I guess. I thought I that's actually a fair deal, but the human mc of that story didn't think so and went despondent on the thought of how there's his thigh meat or whatever served in the plates of thousands of aliens (he's the diplomat who became the DNA donor) and killed himself.

    On the other hand in the culture series, there's a race of cruel carnivores who thought that fear/pain enhance the taste of their food so whenever they hunt they specifically inflict more pain/fear than necessary, and they're obviously thought as barbaric and evil species.
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