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    Number 17: The Point of Chaos

    This sentient magical item first appears as a 3 foot ball of bubbling liquid metal hovering approximately 3 feet off of the ground. Any attempts to touch it however have the ball attempt the latch onto you. A successful DC15 Reflex save can prevent this, at which point the ball instantly reforms. On a failed save the ball engulfs the target, immobilizing them for 2 rounds. The target must then make a DC20 Will save.
    On a successful save, the target instantly attunes to the Point of Chaos, and gains a +3 anarchic Steel weapon of the target's choice(it does not count as metal for the purpose of wielding it) In addition, the target gains the Druid's Wild Shape, which they can use as a Druid equal to their level, while they wield it.

    On a failed save, the target takes 4d6 of nonlethal damage as the metal forces its way into the target's body. Metal designs appear across the body, and will still appear even under polymorph effects. If the target would be subject to a detect alignment spell or effect, it will always read as a strong Chaotic aura. Once per day, the target may change their race. They may roll 1d100 to determine what race they become, as per the Reincarnation spell. This effect lasts until the next time they use this effect.

    Regardless of save result, the target will begin to hear the telepathic communications of the Point of Chaos. It will burst into the target's head with random ideas, and may compel the target to act upon them.
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