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[Kitty Quarters]

Krayger gets up with a smile. "Sorry about that, then." he says, leaving the room. After a few minutes he'll come back with one large and one small chair, a nice cushion, a bone, two cups, and a bowl. He's also changed into a more comfortable pair of cotton trousers, because despite Eswil's magic he felt like his pants needed cleaning and his bag needed dropping off.
"Ale for me, milk for Xun, and I didn't know what your people can drink so I just got you water for now and we can get you something better later, Eswil." he says, setting everything up wherever the two females are.
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Kitty Quarters

Xun lets Luna out of the room she's been shut in, and firmly tells her Sit! as she approaches Eswil. The wolf complies, although she shifts from paw to paw restlessly.

Once that's done, she starts pulling various books down from the shelf. She also motions Krayger into the next room. It will be easier to take a look in here - the room's shielded from outside magic influence.
Kitty Quarters

Eswill will slowly pad up to the impatient wolf, and hold out the back of one hand for Luna to sniff at. Her legs are tensed and poised to spring back just in case, but she's otherwise relaxed, "What do you need me to do, if anything? I'm not really clear if I could just cast any old spell and let Xun take hold of it, or if I should try to craft something specific that would be easier to twist for her purposes." Nice doggy. If a cat, even a magical one, can be friends with this wolf then surely a goblin/rabbit could!