Rocket Blast was taking this promotion with pride. He was the captain! He just couldn't believe his good luck!

Well, his family influence probably helped, as well as his impressive background. Being a past Wonderbolt wasn't just for show. He had saved countless lives before.

But that was in a different Kingdom. Here, not everypony knew him... at least not yet. He knew it was just a matterof time before he had to brush off the mares with a broom to leave him alone.

Putting that thought aside, he refrained to see his coworkers as possible targets, Things could get messy if he did. He was listening Clever Plan without getting distracted and try to reassure her:

" It's fine, bureaucracy is also a nightmare. I'm sure this whole thing wouldn't be possible without you. I know you must be exhausted but once we are in the sky, you will have time to get a drink and relax. "