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"Well, I've been trying to make tools for a while now - stable ways to enter the spirit world, better conduits for the power, and such. But when it comes to spells, the biggest limits are how much power you can throw around, and your own imagination." Ashley shrugs. "We can kind of just tell the laws of physics to take a hike for a while, and make a bit of the world behave like the spirit world."
"That sounds pretty cool, actually. How long have you been at it?"

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"Well that makes two of us when it comes to familiarity with this land. It's my first time in these parts. I hope they aren't too confusing and convoluted a landscape."
"Ooooh I'm sure they are." Kin replies with a smile and genuine, pure, remarkably adorable laugh. "But that's all right. It'll all work out, I'm sure."