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Seriously; what are we supposed to be accomplishing here? We've already GOT the Pelorites provably engaged in criminal behaviour and we've been told it just doesn't matter. I don't think adding another charge to their sheet is going to make a lot of difference when they've simply shown they can ignore the law and do whatever the hell they want.

Not to mention we don't have the time, support, or skills to even get started. We can't read those books and we don't know anyone we can trust who CAN.
Kresh (and apparently Coggy) are under the impression that there's some kind of conspiracy being perpetrated by the highest ranking members of the Temple of Pelor. Something that would horrify even the most zealous of their minions. And he also believes that you need to use whatever means are necessary to get to the bottom of it, even if that involves taking significant risks.

That doesn't mean he's right, but it is what he believes.