All Lissa can really do at this point is cling onto Adalmar, hoping against hope that she doesn't lose her grip and that if she does, her knots hold. Why did I think this was such a great idea again? Oh yeah. Waterfall. I hate being helpless! And it's so dark... ah, that sparks an idea! Lissa clings on extra-tight with one arm and both legs, freeing her right hand for just a few moments. With a gesture and a few words in Gnomish, Lissa's trademark quartet of pastel-colored dancing lights pop into existence over Adalmar's head. The moment the spell is done, her right arm is holding on again. "There we go, that ought to help a little."

Lissa's heart sinks at Yix's announcement. "Oh no..." she murmurs.

OOC: Cast dancing lights and keep them over Adalmar.