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Thread: D&D 5e Subclass Contest Chat Thread

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    Default D&D 5e Subclass Contest Chat Thread

    As per the interest thread posted yesterday, this is the chat thread for the subclass contest for D&D 5e. I'll update this first post as contests progress.

    Current Contest: Contest XII: It's Mind!

    Current Voting Thread: To be posted December 2nd

    Another Useful Link: nickl_2000's Subclass Creation Guide and Analysis

    Spoiler: Class Representation

    Rankings are based on number of submissions first, then number of contests.
    Up to date as of Contest IX
    Class Number of Contests Total Number of Submissions Rank
    Barbarian 7 13 1st
    Bard 6 9 6th
    Cleric 7 8 7th
    Druid 6 6 11th
    Fighter 5 12 3rd
    Monk 8 12 2nd
    Paladin 5 6 12th
    Ranger 4 8 9th
    Rogue 7 11 4th
    Sorcerer 5 7 10th
    Warlock 5 8 8th
    Wizard 6 10 5th
    Other/Homebrew 6 6 Unranked

    Spoiler: Future Contest Ideas

    It is Written (Destiny/Prophecy)
    Refine Mayhem (Remake an existing subclass)
    Hold the Line (Stationary heroes)
    From Zero to Hero (Ordinary folks doing the extraordinary)
    Subsystems Online (New game mechanics)
    Keep it Simple, Stupid (simple subclasses)
    My Way is Different (Alternate or rare mechanics)
    Points for Everybody (Subclasses that use point-based resources?)
    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword ("Subclasses specializing in stationery combat" --Ninja_Prawn)
    Scaling Strangely (Subclasses that scale from unusual values)
    Warriors of Old (Subclasses from previous editions)
    Hold my Ale! (Subclasses themed around taverns, carousing, drinking, pub games, etc.)
    Make a Choice (Subclasses which, like Hunter Ranger or Totem Barbarian, offer choices at one or more points)
    Bigger is Better (Subclasses which have something bigger about them)
    It's Mind! (Subclasses focused on mental abilities)
    The Band (Subclasses based on musical performance)

    Spoiler: The Rules
    1. The class must fit the theme of the contest.
    2. Your class must be posted in the contest thread. If you wish, you can use external formatting, such as Google Docs or Homebrewery, though I recommend sharing it as a PDF to ensure that it works on most computers.
    3. You may only create one subclass, which must follow the normal progression for the class it belongs to. Please specify what class it is for. You can use any base class published in official material (including the Unearthed Arcana posts), or any existing homebrew class (don't make a whole base class just for your submission). If you are going to use a homebrew base class, make sure you get permission from its original creator and post a link so we know where to find it! Failure to get permission will be grounds for disqualification.
    4. Until the contest is finished, do not post your subclass anywhere else. If you are found to have done so, that subclass will be disqualified (though you will be allowed to post a new one if you wish, within reason).
    5. Your subclass must be complete by the deadline. After that, I will put up a voting thread. Any submissions or edits after that point will be considered invalid. A two week extension is implemented if at least three requests are made in the chat thread.
    6. Have fun, be respectful.

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