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Spoiler: Spheres of Power authors

The Auspician's Handbook (aka Fate sphere handbook - Jeff the Green
The Battlemage's Handbook (aka War sphere handbook) - A.J.Gibson
The Conjurer's Handbook (aka Conjuration sphere handbook) - stack
The Creator's Handbook (aka Creation sphere handbook) - Desril
The Destroyer's Handbook (aka Destruction sphere handbook) - stack
The Diviner's Handbook (aka Divination sphere handbook) - Mehangel
The Enhancer's Handbook (aka Enhancement sphere handbook - Amechra
The Geomancer's Handbook (aka Nature sphere handbook) - Mehangel
The Illuminator's Handbook (aka Light sphere handbook) - AmberVael
The Mentalist's Handbook (aka Mind sphere handbook - Afgncaap5
The Nyctomancer's Handbook (aka Dark sphere handbook - Bhaakon
The Shapeshifter's Handbook (aka Alteration sphere handbook) - stack
The Telekinetic's Handbook (aka Telekinesis sphere handbook) - AmberVael
The Vivomancer's Handbook (aka Life sphere handbook) - A.J.Gibson
Wild Magic - stack

Spoiler: Spheres of Might authors

Andrew Stoeckle - stack
N. Jolly - N. Jolly
Michael Sayre - Ssalarn