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Q3: Why do Sphere-specific drawbacks in Spheres of Might exclusively grant specific talents? In Spheres of Power, many Sphere-specific drawbacks indicate a broad category of talents that you must select from or can't select from, but don't specify a specific talent. Spheres of Might appears to have gone in a different direction.
A3: I believe the following Quote from the Spheres of Might playtest thread answers this question best.
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Something I'd like to say here is that the team this time wasn't in love with every precedent that SoP sent. Yes, it did a lot of things right, but we had our own ideas for how to make things more internally consistent, which involved standardizing drawbacks in this way. Drawbacks are a VERY powerful option, and as we've seen, people are capable of utilizing them in ways we couldn't have expected before. Unlike what I assumed SoP had in mind when making them, the SoM team was well aware that we'd have expansions, and because of that, hard locking drawbacks the way that we have secures us from not needing to worry about new talents that possibly break with these drawbacks. The team knows that we won't be working on every future supplement, so while we can ensure that the base drawbacks are fair for core SoM, we can't plan for every possible future book, and because of that, talent locking drawbacks felt like a way to make sure these drawbacks don't eventually become the backbone of breaking the system we've poured ourselves into. This opens the door for future books to include their own specific drawbacks which can be looked over in seclusion because we don't have to compare all the new options and everything else each time, which makes life easier for both our newer developers and the older staff in that we are capable of avoiding chimeric builds being overpowered (as well as we can at least) as well as allow for new specific drawbacks in newer books for new talents, which allows us to make sure our content is more balanced on your end as well as ours.

Is it limiting? Yeah, and we're not 100% happy about that, but as we've learned through this project, we sometimes need certain things in place when creating something like SoM to make sure the entire book doesn't become "Oh, with this one combo, you can do a million damage, book's broken!", as that's something that we've seen far too often to other projects which were otherwise fine. So this is me as a developer telling all of you that these decisions were made both for the health of the base product as well as possible expansions since we need to look at the long game for things like this. Developing for this new system has been a joy, and we do thank every one of you for the feedback, and we'd like to ask that you trust us when we make decisions like this, as we're doing it to make sure we can put out the best product possible. We'll always try to be around when we can to answer questions, and we do accept that not everyone will enjoy this option, but this is the reason we've chosen to structure things like this.