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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Fluff Discussion XV: You Must Be THIS Tall To Witness The Grimdark

    Gork is almost definitely Khaine. Stated by a Necron. Xenology (2006).
    That makes it a rather unreliable and straight up mad source.

    The point remains that there isnt any actual solid evidence for Khaine being either Gork nor Khorne.
    There is straight up evidence for Khaine -not- being khorne.
    One of them is banished to the material realm. The other is busy being the god of mindless slaughter.

    D: Khaine is Khorne
    C: Prove it.
    D: (link). Also, prove Gork is Khorne
    C: That link is for a different canon.
    D: Yeah, well, prove Gork is Khorne.
    C: I never said that.
    D: Just because it's a different canon, doesn't mean it's not true!
    There isnt any evidence in that link. Its a fanmade Wiki. Its about as full of theories and wild ideas as this place is.
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