[Outside the Base]

In terms of actual body-size, the dragon's body is indeed comparable to that of a horse. A particularly large horse, admittedly, but still definitely within the horse category. A bit wider than a horse too, needs a bit more room to fit in all the extra muscles for the wings. With the neck, the wings, the tail on top of that, though, it sure seems like quite a lot of dragon.

"O-oh, uh, right! You can call me Sylvess. Pleasure to meetcha, Sam! Lucy's told me all about you." When Sam hugs him, Sylvess gives him a one-armed (one-legged) hug back, patting his back lightly...or as lightly as a dragon can. One of the big reasons they make use of the whole shapeshifting thing, y'see. Helps with those fiddly little tasks that a dragon can't really manage. "I take pride in my shinyness, y'know. And in having such vivid green in my wings at a young age. Sign of maturity, that! Usually gotta be reeeeeal old to get wings as green as these."

Sylvess lowers his head to help get the harness looped over it, then raises his head back up and shakes his neck to get the loop sliding down to the base. Thankfully it's quite a bulky piece of equipment, so he's able to tighten it himself. "Soooo, whatcha think? I could tooootally see you, lance in hand, diving through the clouds looking all dashing and stuff."