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Thread: D&D 5e Subclass Contest Chat Thread

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    Hi, went back and read the class in-depth and edited my post! You hadn't posted this reply at that time, so it went into ye aulde edit instead of double-post!

    Copy-pasting it under the spoiler to preserve the flow of the thread:
    Okay. I went back and made sure to read it throughly, just to give you a fair shake, because, who knows? I might have been way off and not giving you a chance just based on the name! That would be silly of me.
    I still don't like it. It's far too much book-keeping and essentially ports over Fourth Edition's rules on multiclassing, allowing you to multiclass instead of subclass and...
    I get it. I get why you might want to do this. I just don't feel like it fits with the point of subclassing. It feels like this for for when you want to have your multiclassing cake and eat your delicious level 20 capstone ability cake, too.
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