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[Beachside - Beach wit' Tina]

Reinholdt just smirks a little, making no promises at this time. If she wants her coin back, she'll have to earn it or steal it! The latter of which would be just as good as the former as far as the Treasure Hunter's concerned.

Raising an eyebrow of curiosity as Tina teases alternative truths about her handbag, Rein settles for grabbing their drinks and carrying them to a nice spot not too far from the bar. They want sun, but they also want alcohol. It's a solid compromise.

The fey watches with strong interest. Sure it's hard to tell if he's most impressed with Tina's legs or with the hard light beach chairs, but they're both pretty impressive really. "Very nice." He hands Tina's drink back to her before he settles into the other chair, letting his shirt flap open so the sun can warm his chest. His free hand runs along the chair, poking at it, having never really encountered any hard light objects before. The one light saber he stole surely doesn't count by nature.

"What are these? Where did you get them?" Reinholdt asks, his curiosity piqued. He might have to acquire a few of these things himself. They certainly seem handy.
Tina sips her drink and eyes the treasure hunter. What was he after, really? The facts of their first encounter from so long ago made her pretty wary about offering any flirtatious comments, but he was eyeing up her legs pretty blatantly, and there were other hints...

Of course, that's just how I would interpret it, Tina reminds herself with an inward roll of the eyes, so to speak. One also had to remember she was wearing an utterly tasteless slingshot bikini that left little to the imagination. People eyeing her up a little was the point, and to be expected. Not like Tina doesn't snatch the occasional, mutual ogle, but she probably thinks she's much more subtle.

So Tina just says, "Hard light chairs. My father gave them to me. Or at least the modes to shape them how I want." She raises her eyebrows. "You have sort of a seen-it-all air about you. I'm glad you're so impressed. You can maybe even keep that one if you want." Fettina lets out a tinselly laugh. "One of the greatest achievements from my Earth and we use it to make ******* beach chairs."

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[Beach Party - Bar]

Lucy smiles and nods, "Yeah, he's cute. Needs the odd word of encouragement to keep him getting too down on himself, though. Hopefully seeing a beautiful lady such as yourself applaud his performance will give him a bit of a boost to the old self esteem." She winks at Vivi, refusing to let slip an opportunity to compliment her.

As for her suggestion...

"Um, I dunno about me getting up there and singing. Obviously I'd love to hear you sing, but the music I know isn't exactly, um, party music?" She takes a moment to glance over at Addie, but quickly gets the message that she's not going to want to take part. "Tell you what, Vivi, I'll sing if you sing. Aaaand if you go first." She grins a toothy grin and folds her arms, throwing down the musical gauntlet.
"Awh, you just never stop!" Vivi says, grinning up at Lucy and swatting the middle of her back with one petite hand. She listens, and also gives Addie a quick look. Gaze back upon Lucy, Viviana lets her eyelids droop till they're hooded and smoldering dramatically. It's admittedly a bit entrancing. "I thought we could sing together. A duet."