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"Awh, you just never stop!" Vivi says, grinning up at Lucy and swatting the middle of her back with one petite hand. She listens, and also gives Addie a quick look. Gaze back upon Lucy, Viviana lets her eyelids droop till they're hooded and smoldering dramatically. It's admittedly a bit entrancing. "I thought we could sing together. A duet."
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Raider's Cove - Ithuriel

Brokenfang seems to smile slightly and gives a shrug. "Stay as long as you like, though I insist that if you decide to stay for more than a few days I'll be forced to put you to work." She warns. She was probably actually rather serious about that too. "The guest rooms are on this floor and to the left as you exit. There's even hot water for a shower in the rooms if that is something that sounds appealing. I will have someone bring up fresh linens however. I do ask that you understand why we keep bars on the windows though. Not all guests turn out to be amiable." She points out with a shrug.

"Other than that, all I ask is that you don't go through the jungle at dark. The creatures there have free run of the place then and they really dislike smallfry like us intruding." Now that was something she sounded serious about.
[Beach Party - Bar]

A counter-challenge! Lucy contemplates the metaphorical second gauntlet that just got thrown on top of hers. "There's no fun in stopping too soon, is there?" She certainly looks entranced. "You wouldn't be planning to show me up with this suggestion, would you Vivi? I'd love to sing with you, but I doubt I know whatever you have in mind. How could I ever do justice to my part?"


[Raider's Cove]

There's still something of an adventurous spark in Ithuriel. She can't help but perk up a little at the mention of big scary creatures in the jungle at night that'd consider her smallfry. Though it is just a brief expression of interest, far short of the sort of reaction that'd suggest she actually intends to act upon it.

"Just the one night, Brokenfang. I'm on duty tomorrow. If you're okay with seeing if anyone wants to head back that soon? Otherwise, I can come back in a few days. Otherwise, I think our business is concluded for now."

Assuming Brokenfang has nothing else to add, Ithuriel moves to take her leave and get settled into a guest room. She will join in any festivities that take place overnight, but is otherwise perfectly quiet and well-behaved for the night. Issues were resolved, well enough.

((Assuming there's nothing else to add, I guess we can skip ahead to the following morning?))