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[Beach Party - Shore]

Anchor nods. "You should! I mean, if you want to stay awhile and enjoy the party, if you want to. I could even whip you up a suitable outfit if you wanted to swim or-"
"Oh, I never even told you my name, did I? I'm Anchor. And, uh, good luck, Faudre."
Finding a way home is rarely easy. People have tried their whole screen-times without making it.

Beach Party - Sand Castles

"Thanks. My name is 'Honeysuckle'. As I mentioned, I work in a bakery, and I also have a shift at the New Hodgepodge Power Plant, and that's because anything I look at gets incinerated, or completely disintegrated if I focus. I'm basically blind, of course, but I have a sort of second sight that helps me get around." And that's what the blindfold is for. Don't want any accidents.
Honeysuckle stretches her arms and flicks her tails (trying to shake out flecks of sand) before starting to pile up sand into the central tower of the castle.
"It's important to have a sense of humor about things because, they're just-just so sad, a lot of the time."
"And I used to be sad and worried all the time, on account of, well, lots of things in my past. But since the eclipse I don't feel so afraid."

"How about you?"
Beach Party - Sand Castles

"Oh eh.. I'm Sorry." Mia replies not really sure if she should or not since well Mia isn't sure if that is true.

"I'm Mia Mechanicus. High Priestress of Deus mechanicus the god of machines." she says. "It is a busy job. mostly dealing with Repairing or inventing of new machines. There is also a lot of meetings with the people about their problems and requests to DM. Sometimes I'm happy none here seems to be religious, but as a High Priestress it also makes me sad."