"I can help !", he shouts - of course the main result is that Lissa jumps in surprise, since only his fellow spiderclimbers can hear him. He smiles apologetically, then thinks the same message to Yix.

Upon reaching the bottom of the wall, he helps Lissa release herself from the rope - to their mutual relief. Pausing to catch his breath, he concentrates and casts a spell.

Very focused now, he inspects quickly the bottom of the falls. But if he's alive, he is probably still up there - gripping a rock.
He starts climbing back up - without any eagerness, but because he has to.

My sheet is down, but I know I had prepared Embrace the Wild (and Hunter's Mercy), which I cast now : I gain Blindsense 30ft and +2 Spot, Listen for 70min. Blindsense especially should help.
Adalmar still has his rope around the waist and with Lissa's permission will borrow her Light.