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As I thought, I probably don't want to do this hahaha!

I wanted to try out my hand at Bing Bong (Inside out) or a genderbender version of Jalira, Master Polymorphist (Magic the Gathering) once Im more talented. I could have use the last one as a costume for RL roleplay too.

As for Bong Bong... I found a tshirt modeled after his suit I could have pick and I was thinking of printing a helmet-mask to go with it. Sure its not extremely accurate but the design would be there and it would have being cute. I could have bough real clotches and adjust them too if needed I guessed.

The other one though would have needed a lot of work and I was not very hopeful on that one.

But with those comments... I probably should just give up. Or at least considering buying a 3D printer for my cosplaying friend (with the help of some friends and her family of course) so that she can teach me maybe later or help me if I need to
Especially when giving advice, I sometimes tend towards the pessimistic. Don't at all give up if that's what you want to do! I just wanted to give you some ideas of the realities of 3D printing costumes. It's still a really cool technique that will absolutely be worth it if you put in the time and money, but having good expectations of the time and money is only a good thing, IMO. My main advice, though, is to try to find costuming groups that are relatively local to you. If you're on the East coast or in a big city, then try googling the name of your city or area with the terms "costuming group" and maybe some other identifiers, like MTG or Inside Out or even just "movie." Worst case scenario, google simply "[your area] costuming group" sans quotes, and try to see if any people would be able to better direct you. If youre on the West coast in a big stat like TX or CA, or in a low-density area, use the state instead in your search terms.