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Oooh. Stylish. I'm not sure about Spell Resistance: No, as evocation spells usually permit it; I'd say yes to SR against the fire damage but not the suffocation.
Well, except the fire isn't being directed at them. They aren't being touched by the fire, its the pressure oven inside its generating. Perhaps when you actually push through the fire it should allow spell resistance.

Also, it's a Con check (not Fortitude) to keep holding your breath, and the phrasing of "suffocating those inside the next round who take a -2 penalty on their Fortitude checks" is a little unclear. (It seems to imply those who take a penalty will suffocate on the next round...) I'd suggest, "suffocating those inside, beginning in the next round [actually, I'm not sure what you mean by 'on the next round']. Constitution checks to continue holding one's breath are made at a -2 penalty."
Will adjust.