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Hmm, damage-wise it's okay, the suffocation wouldn't be that bad if the occupants could run away, but I'm not sure about your wording on passing through. Do you mean those entering the sphere, exiting the sphere, passing through the sphere in a single round, or what?
If you pass within or out of the sphere you take damage.

Sounds to me like there is nothing forcing them to stay in it, so they can walk out, cease taking damage, and not suffocate.

It'd work amazingly with something like hold perosn.

I think that's the point. It deals a minimum of 3d6+2d6/level above 5th, if you leave immediately; not bad, but not on par with fireball, either. But a canny wizard/druid/psychokineticist will use it in circumstances where leaving is more difficult. Say by summoning a couple of fire elementals to sit in the sphere with 'em.
Yup, exactly. Deals less damage but has more uses than normal damaging powers of that level.