Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

When he reaches the bottom of the falls, Achkby closes his eyes and takes deep breaths until his knees stop shaking.
I didn't know what a blessing it was to be close to the ground. I think I'd like stay this way.

As Adalmar tries to grasp at the glowing orbs that dart about Lissa's head, Achkby tiredly withdraws a slingstone from the little pouch at his belt and mutters a few words that suffuse the flat pebble in a thin, yellowy glow. After a moment's hesitation, he passes the stone over to the warrior.
"Don't lose it. It's lucky."

When Adalmar leaves, Achkby takes a quick look around, and edges towards Lissa, standing awkwardly less than an armspan from the gnome.
Should I be doing something about the Druid? Lissa will want to...
"Ah, what now?"