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    A rather amused exhale slips from the catgirl's lips before she responds, a tinge of her old, bubbly self showing. "Glad to know I look young for my age." It was a little indirect of an answer, but it certainly cleared things up a little. Phew, that was close... though now it begs the question; just how much younger does she look? Was he dating a 30 year old back then? Never mind, this didn't clarify things much at all.

    "It's not just Reinholdt I'm worried about... It's you." Another uneasy pause passes before a visibly uncomfortable Caelynn continues, glancing down at her shoes a little guiltily. "I... I know you owe me nothing, I was a horrible partner and I'm frankly surprised you continued to have anything to do with me whatsoever after... after everything, but I need to ask." Her visage turns up a little timidly to look up at Magtok. "Please, don't let her get caught in the crossfire of whatever stupid feud you two spark up again? She's... she's got her own problems to deal with, and I don't want her to endure what happened to me all those years ago."
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