Its entirely possible the whole thing is a vanity project. "yeah, not only have a turned this backwater into a first world nation, I also completely removed our need for power generation from all but clean sources." He is PRECISELY the sort of guy who would use a dimensional gateway producing weapon just to supercharge his own personal green energy source despite the sheer amount of trouble he would be in if anyone ever found out. Unfortunately, he is also precisely the sort of guy who has a theoretically infinite number of uses for it, both evil and benign. Probably will do both. The benign one so he can go, "What? Im using it to provide ultra cheap power to this nation! How can you be angry at me for that?" While also secretly using it to rob other planets of their resources for his own evil schemes or something. Hell, he may intend to use it for time travel shenanigans, dude has an absurdly developed ability to know way more than he should. So knowing this device can traverse time AND space would be huge for him. And considering he knew sciona was forging this weapon and had his horror from beyond the planes in place to retrieve it he probably knows what its capable of.