Blegh. Better hug her again, just to be safe. It doesn’t sound like she got all of that emotional gunk out of her system with the first hug, after all. Yikes, we figured she would’ve found someone to help her raise Rein’s kid, but apparently not. Hope the bastard of a cat at least set her up with a trust fund or child support payments or something. He almost undoubtedly didn’t, though. Rotten scumbag animal...

“Caelynn? I need you to do me a favor,” Magtok insists, pulling back with his hands still resting on the (80-something?) catgirl mom’s arms, and staring intently down at those tired violet eyes, to make it clear this is serious business right now.

“I need you to, don’t question it, don’t argue, just repeat after me three times: ‘Magtok is a manipulative asshat. I’m an emotional wreck right now and not thinking clearly. I should think carefully about everything I do and say, especially around him.’ Three times.” As odd and bizarre as this might sound, his severe tone suggests she really isn’t going to be able to just laugh off this bit of eccentricity and continue on. This nonsense is a prerequisite if she wants to continue this conversation at all.