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    As Guro meanders through the tavern, those he passes by look up from their drinks and food to give the Tortle a glance as he walks past them. It isn't often that they've seen anything quite like him before, though some of them mutter about Lizardfolk once Guro is assumed to be out of earshot. When he reaches the human blocking the stairway to the basement, the stranger raises an eyebrow, but says nothing until spoken to. He returns Guro's greeting with a curt nod, and gives only a vague answer in response, "Well, we are all looking for someone, aren't we? The good lady is preparing for her show, and is not seeing any visitors at the moment."

    However, when Miras and Zilo each arrive and show the man their invitations, he looks at each of the pieces of parchment, holding them up against the backdrop of a nearby candle sconce, and gives them each a short bow as he stands aside and gestures for the two of them to go downstairs if they wish. "The show will begin when the other guests have arrived as well, make yourselves comfortable in the meantime." His gaze turns back over the bar, and his eyes meet the gazes of Sigrid sitting at the bar, and Ophine leaning near the doorway before turning back to keep an eye on Guro.

    At the bar, Lucinda sets down a pair of mugs sloshing with ale into the hands of a halfling who thanks her in turn before carrying his drinks back to his seat. Hearing Sigrid's question, the woman replies, "Well now, that'll be dependin' on what kinda appetite you brought in with ya. There's plenty of roasted beef goin' round tonight; the cook's been ravin' about how he finally got the proper spices all the way from Calimport and can finally make it the way he wants. There's a lentil stew to warm up your bones, and we've always got bread and cheese. So what'll it be?"

    Both Sigrid and Ophine watch as a halfling and a human who came in seperately fish out what one could easily deduce to be their invitations, show them to the man in the doorframe, and are promptly allowed to pass.
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