The lizardman slowly regains consciousness. The second to last thing he remembers is being surprised by the force of the underwater current. The last thing he remembers is being swept toward the waterfall's edge when one of his handholds crumbles ...

He opens his eyes and blinks as he reorients himself. He is in a cave of some kind, carved from countless centuries of flowing water. There is no light, but his darkvision reveals that the cave appears to be approximately 50 feet wide and 100 feet deep. The entrance is a wall of rushing water.

He recognizes the contact with Yix and finds the reptilian empathic link comforting. I am safe. he projects.

Yix relays this back to his companions.

Katrin looks to her companions for more rope. If they want to rappel down the sides of the waterfall, they will need at least three lengths she calculates. Alternatively, she supposes Tiriel could ferry them down to the base one-by-one if there is enough time.