Goma level up results:

+1 level of Warder
+1 BAB
+10 HP (roll of 7+3 Con)
Extended Defense 1/day (allows a counter to be used for one full round)
Aegis bonuses increase to +2 to AC and Will saves for allies within 10ft
+1 Feat: Defensive Expertise (shield bonus to touch AC and shield's enhancement bonus to Ref saves)
+1 Ref save (due to Defensive Expertise)
+10 skill points (4+int mod +1 for favored class)
+1 to each of the following:
Acrobatics, climb, craft (jewelry), knowledge: history,
knowledge: martial, knowledge: nobility, knowledge:
local, perception, and sense motive
Currently attuned items:
+1 Weapon: tower shield and javelin
+1 Armor: full plate
+1 Shield: tower shield

Saving Shield --> Extra Combat Talent (Equipment: Throwing Mastery)
Bodyguard --> Extra Combat Talent (Equipment: Crushing Thrower)

1 masterwork Javelin (151 gp)